Holy Week Thursday: Jesus knew, so he

We started the week talking about how Jesus came into Jerusalem in an upside-down fashion on a donkey instead of a horse. Palm branches were waved. Shouts of ‘Hosanna’ were said. Day one ended by going to Bethany to see Mary and Martha, which I bet included an incredible meal from our gal-pal-Martha. The nextContinue reading “Holy Week Thursday: Jesus knew, so he”

Easter guidance for churches and congregants

I’m not going to make this post data-heavy. I just want to make an appeal to church leaders and congregants for this Easter weekend. I’ve based these recommendations on what I would feel comfortable with this weekend as an epidemiologist and a Christian/pastor’s wife. ✅ The big-picture from a data standpoint: As of today (AprilContinue reading “Easter guidance for churches and congregants”

Holy Week Wednesday: Wet grass and sheep

“The Lord is my shepherd. He lets me put my toes in wet grass.” – My toddler son I have always loved Psalm 23. I remember memorizing it with my dad on our rides to elementary school and I carried on that tradition with my own kids. A few years ago, my kids were workingContinue reading “Holy Week Wednesday: Wet grass and sheep”

About vaccines in adolescents, 12-15 years!

I’ve heard you ask about this for weeks now. I’ve seen ALL the comments about kids and herd immunity. You are right that herd immunity for the population NEEDS to take into account children. Kids can catch AND spread COVID. So, vaccines are needed for them if we want our chance at herd immunity. Today,Continue reading “About vaccines in adolescents, 12-15 years!”

Holy Week Tuesday: The Sun’s Awake

***Today’s Holy Week post is written by my favorite preacher. My husband! =) Enjoy a small glimpse of our life in the Smith-fam-household.*** “Sun’s awake?” This is a question that we used to hear often in the Smith household. For a while, my daughter would wake up well before dawn and assume that the dayContinue reading “Holy Week Tuesday: The Sun’s Awake”

Keep your masks on, web-peeps!

Yesterday, I posted about the first real-world data we have on vaccines. It’s good news, y’all! What I didn’t expect were the slew of comments saying, “NOW I CAN TAKE MY MASK OFF!” In other words, “So you’re saying there’s a chance…” ❎ Uhm, slow your roll, friends. Nope, not what I said or whatContinue reading “Keep your masks on, web-peeps!”