I’m moving the blog to Substack

Hi everyone, I’m moving to Substack! At least partially. =) For the past 14 months (and over 400 posts), I’ve enjoyed watching this FNE community grow as we have walked with each other through grief, loss, joy, and GIFs (y’all know I lurv those). With growth comes growing pains too. This week, I had over 800 comments and messages. Although I would love to get back to all of them (which I was able to do in the early days), I obviously can’t anymore. And, frankly I’ve quit reading some of the comment threads since some are not the best (if ya know what I mean). We have a better use of our times and energy! So, to allow for community to actually occur among those of you with genuine questions and thoughts, I’m moving my posts to Substack, a newsletter that comes to your email. In future posts, I will continue to write about COVID-19, faith, and global health. I’ll continue to post here on my FB site periodically. But, I’m moving my primary writing to Substack. In other words, you’ll get all of my writings on Substack and most on FB. I’m not leaving. I’m just re-directing where you can receive my posts.

✅ Here’s what to do next if you want all of the writings:

👉 1. If you’re receiving this email, that means you’re already signed up to my blog. I’m going to automatically move your subscriptions to Substack (you can also unsubscribe if you want). I’ll sign you up for the free version of the Substack newsletter. I won’t be posting on the blog anymore and this will allow you to still receive my writings in your inbox. So same writings to your inbox – just different platform I’m writing on.

👉 2. Choose a subscription plan.

-The free plan: You can get most of the writings for free into your email inbox. This is the one you will automatically be subscribed to!

-The paid subscription: The paid subscriptions will allow you access to all writings, the full archive of posts, and the ability to comment. This will also be where I actively engage with you in the comments. And, the support will also buy some coffees and take-out as I continue to write for you. Thank you for considering helping out but it’s no big deal if you can’t!

-If you want the ability to comment but can’t afford the paid subscription, please let me know! I’m happy to give you a gift subscription. Truly.

👉 3. That’s it! Then you’ll receive the posts in your emails.

✅ I love this FNE community and interacting with you. Truly, it has been one of the few highlights of the past 15 months. I spend a lotta time on each post, comments, and messages and genuinely enjoy it! And, I want to continue walking with you all in meaningful ways for you and your neighbors.

Love thy neighbor, FNE

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