What happens when Americans can finally exhale

“Millions have endured a year of grief, anxiety, isolation, and rolling trauma. Some will recover uneventfully, but for others, the quiet moments after adrenaline fades and normalcy resumes may be unexpectedly punishing. When they finally get a chance to exhale, their breaths may emerge as sighs. “People put their heads down and do what they have to do, but suddenly, when there’s an opening, all these feelings come up,””

If you feel like people have returned to “normal” but the world around you is still in slow motion, this is for you. If you feel unseen for what you’ve endured the past 14 months, how you’ve loved your neighbor day in and day out, inconvenienced yourself for your neighbors, this is for you.

Ed Yong is one of the greatest writers during the pandemic. I hope it helps you exhale (or sigh) this weekend.



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