On herd immunity and mommas

Itโ€™s raining outside here in Texas with several big storms rolling through. Itโ€™s also 60 degrees. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ I love a good storm. I always have. My dad and I would sit on our front porch in NM watching the rain. We still text eachother if a storm rolls in (Dad, I have a picture coming your way soon). Nowadays, my kids and I go splash in rainstorms if itโ€™s not ligtning. The rain is still restorative and sabbathing to me. So Iโ€™m out here today after a few long, loud, and busy weeks.

Iโ€™ve been thinking a lot this week about you mommas of high-risk kiddos. I read your comments and messages and can almost hear you say, โ€œItโ€™s been a rough yearโ€ through tears. Youโ€™ve been protecting those children with all that you have with a level of worry that many of us donโ€™t carry.

In the picture, do you see that cardinal in my fern? Thatโ€™s a momma that protecting those new eggs during these storms going by. Iโ€™m just watching her. (And I may have said โ€œcheers, momma. You got this!โ€) The fern is swaying back and forth in the wind and Iโ€™m sure she is wet. The storm will end at some point and she will fly away again. But sheโ€™s not moving right now. Sheโ€™s planted and resolved. She reminds me of many of you parents not moving either. You are still standing guard protecting your children.

I want you to know that many of us have gotten our vaccines for your children. Thatโ€™s part of the point of vaccines anyways. Itโ€™s building up to herd immunity to protect those that canโ€™t protect themselves. Thatโ€™s your babies. Thatโ€™s also the other high risk individuals that need the protection because of chemo treatments, lack of access for vaccines, and other situations you can identify with.

We see you, friends. We are doing our part to help the fern not sway in the wind and keep the rain off until the storm passes. Thereโ€™s thousands of us surrounding you as you stand firm in your nest for your families.

In solidarity,

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  1. Jenny

    Beautifully said and I love the way a good storm smells rolling in!

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