***Update: I’m talking to my colleagues there to figure out how we can all help. I’ll keep you posted.


The highest number of cases in any country in any single day in the pandemic. A staggering 315,000. In one day.

Fewer than 2% have been fully vaccinated.

Hospitals are running out of room and oxygen is gone.

“”Popular belief in the country, from the public to policymakers, was that India will not have a second wave – and unfortunately that let the guard down,” said Dr. K. Srinath Reddy, an epidemiologist and public health expert who serves on a technical task force advising the Indian government on COVID-19. “It’s clear that the marked opening of society – with travel, local elections, religious gatherings, weddings – led to superspreader events. And the emergence of variants certainly added speed.”

Vaccine nationalism (read: hoarding), global inequities, and loosening of restrictions are now on full display with this surge in India. For a fuller picture of what’s going on, I’m linking to the NPR article below.

These numbers are almost hard to fathom. But a reality for this country and others like it (Peru, Brazil). And a reality check for those of us in other countries trying to live like “normal” when the pandemic is still going on.

“Back in southern India, after 24 hours of driving his father from hospital to hospital, Naharshetivar doesn’t know how much longer he can do this. He stares into a local TV crew’s video camera and issues a plea.

“If you can’t give my father a hospital bed, please, is there a doctor who can just give him an injection?” he begs. “Can you help my father die [without suffering]?””

All quotes from this NPR article. Please read the whole thing.

Love thy neighbor.


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