Adam Toledo

It seems trite to talk about the pandemic this morning. I have a post ready to go for evangelicals. But that will wait until tomorrow. For today, we are holding space on this page for mourning and honoring Adam Toledo, Daunte Wright, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, and many others before them.

We hold space for lamenting, mourning, and tears for those men, women, and 13 year old boy. “True peace is not the absence of tension, but the presence of justice.”- MLK Jr.

We hold space for that tension and mourning here. And, be a part of the justice.

Friends on this site who are mourning more than I can understand, I’m so sorry. You’re seen and heard here.


***If this post makes you frustrated, for the love of everything don’t post a comment. You’re missing the point and the problem. Listen, lament, and listen some more.

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