I’m bursting with joy on this post!

Over this past year, many of you have asked how you can help, give back, or support me. Although I’ve enjoyed the offers of coffee and cookies (y’all know I lurv those by now, along with tacos), I have a better way. =)

I’ve been working on a project near-and-dear to my heart for a while and T.O.M.O.R.R.O.W. I get to share it with you all, my friends, in the FNE community. I’ll give you a hint…it has to do with my personal hero and main colleague you see in the picture. We’ve talked about her before, Dr. Edna, and you can tell we are thrilled. We both got off our last conversation talking about how blessed we are and simply thankful.

So, if you want to give back or support, stay tuned tomorrow! =)


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