Hey, March Madness (and everyone else),

Wear πŸ‘ those πŸ‘ masks πŸ‘ right.

Since we’re talking about masks, pull those masks up over the nose! That’s one of the biggest places COVID-19 can get in and out. So, cover up. I’ve included a cute picture of a dog showing us how to do it right.

And, sic ’em bears. (Sorry, as a BU bear, I couldn’t resist). 😊

I have great friends in WA – so go Gonzaga too! Tonight’s game is going to be good, y’all.

Say it with me now like you’re winning a game – wear πŸ‘ those πŸ‘ masks πŸ‘ right.


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  1. Jeff Yackley

    Congrats on the National Championship! Thank you for your consistent, sacrificial, loving advice. As a co-pastor who has had to grapple with church restrictions, I appreciate your epidemiological (and Christian!) perspective! Thank you, too, for your Holy Week posts. Press ON!

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