Happy Easter! I’ve always loved the tender part of the story when the women go the next day. Can you imagine how it must have felt to go so early in the morning after a day of explosive disappointment on public display? Their Teacher they had followed and put all their hopes in had died, but he had promised them a slew of other things which made them think he would be the king. What happened?

So, Mary and the women tenderly went early in the morning, I bet with lots of tears on their fragrant spices. The original gal-pal squad. 👏👏 They went very early in the morning to lovingly take care of Jesus’ body. And, Mary was met with something more.

Something that traded her sadness with a presence.

She met a gardener who she didn’t recognize.

And, he called her name. He knew her. “Mary”.

Then she recognized him.

In true upside-down Holy Week fashion we have talked about all week, Mary got the unexpected. Instead of finding a body, she got an empty tomb. Instead of her Teacher being gone, she got a Savior who knew her name.

Happy Easter, friends. We started these Holy Week reflections talking about one of His names, Jehovah Shammah – He is there. I hope you see He knows your name today. The gardener knows our name.

  • Emily

***Thanks for coming with me this week through Holy Week as I wrote about the pandemic and the Easter story. We’ll get back to the science next week. But, I sure have been grateful to walk with you through this week.

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