About vaccines in adolescents, 12-15 years!

I’ve heard you ask about this for weeks now. I’ve seen ALL the comments about kids and herd immunity. You are right that herd immunity for the population NEEDS to take into account children. Kids can catch AND spread COVID. So, vaccines are needed for them if we want our chance at herd immunity.

Today, the first data came out from Pfizer of the trials done among 12-15 year olds. It’s good preliminary news, friends!

👉 The Phase 3 trial consisted of 2,260 12-15 year olds with no prior COVID infection. And showed 100% efficacy. ALL adolescents demonstrated strong antibody response (stronger than older adolescents in the previous trials) and was well tolerated. I took screenshots of the big takeaways from the announcement.

👉 Now it goes up for FDA review for EUA usage. This means the current Pfizer EUA in effect for 16+ will expand to this age group.

👉 Pfizer also released a statement about the trials among children younger than 12 years, which comes next. (I took a screenshot of that too.)

👉 I know you have questions about more details about the adolescents in the trial (I do too) and I expect that data to come out soon. That detail will show us the age distribution, demographic information, side effects, etc. Stay tuned!

I have a 12 and a 9 year old. So I watch this data pretty closely, as I know many of you do too. I’m pretty thrilled with today’s announcement! One step closer to herd immunity.

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