Update on posts this week

There’s so many of you that are new to the FNE community! A hearty welcome from me!

I’m an epidemiologist (not a skin doctor…) 😊 – so, I mainly write all things pandemic.

I’m also a Christian and will write things for church or faith periodically. I wanted to let you know that I do not do this to proselytize or be exclusionary. If you know me in real-life, you know I have as many (if not more) friends that are non-Christian of other faiths, no faith, religious, not religious, and not-religious-at-all. 😊 And, I love that about my real-life-friends. I wanted to say all of this as a disclaimer and give you my motivation if you see my posts from a Christian faith perspective. I write because my faith deeply informs my work, but also because the main pushback about the pandemic I’ve received is from the Christian/evangelical world. That is changing (#praisehands), but the conversation about the pandemic in evangelical spaces is still very real.

⭐ So, that brings me to this week: This is Holy Week for those of us in the Christian faith. So, I’m going to be writing reflections this week related to that in addition to my daily-sciency posts. As a schedule, I’ll post the science-posts in the day and the faith-posts in the evening. Just a heads-up. I won’t be offended if you want to move on past the faith ones if they do not appeal to you. We’ll still daily talk about the science too!

Happy Monday or Tuesday (wherever you are in the world), friends!-FNE

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  1. Helen Morse

    Thank you, Emily for your faith-filled service to us all in this pandemic! I appreciate both/all of your perspectives – they are so important for me in understanding the science and understanding how to love my neighbor.

  2. steve

    Interesting. I too am a Christian, a viral immunologist, and retired medical school professor, and have been writing a blog since April on the pandemic (Coronavirus News & Views). I too have met with push-back by fellow Christians. My response is to try to be as unvarnished as possible with the facts and science that I post and let God do the rest. I can provide facts and information, but I leave it to God to change hearts and minds. Tomorrow, I will post a rather long blog responding to vaccine disinformation I have seen out there. I appreciate your contribution to the good fight, Emily. You have been spot on.

    1. junejan20

      Where do I find your blog Steve?

  3. June Fynn

    As a Christian (in New Zealand) who has heard a lot of the push back in my church I so appreciate the good information I am now reading & hearing from the science perspective. Thank you so much.

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