The first real-world US study for the mRNA vaccines: They work really well!

We already know the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) work through the Phase 3 trials. Now, we finally have our first real-world evidence confirming the same thing. Why does this matter? As an epidemiologist, we are always worried about “selection bias” in our study. This would happen if people that are IN the Phase 3 trials look DIFFERENT than people in the real-world. In other words, are what the trials found generalizable to everyone else? Another issue we think about it is the variants roaming around. At the time of the Pfizer and Moderna Phase 3 trials, the variants we worry about (B.1.1.7 and 501Y) were not circulating as much as they are now. These issues beg the question, “Will the mRNA vaccines work in a real-world scenario?” And, the answer is a YES (or, in Texas, a yeehaw!).

Let me show you:

✅ 1. This study is part of the HEROES-RECOVER study groups.

– Included 4,000 healthcare personnel (nurses, doctors, etc) first responders (firefighters, police officers, corrections), and other essential and frontline workers (workers in hospitality, delivery, teachers, other occupations that require contact within 3 feet of the public) in 8 cities.

– 72% of participants were 18-49 and 28% were over 50 years of age.

– Participants came in for weekly PCR testing over 13 weeks.

✅ 2. Those who were fully vaccinated were 90% LESS likely to get infected. Look at the 2nd picture on this post.

– 161 unvaccinated people got COVID-19

– 8 people who were partially vaccinated got COVID-19

– 3 people who were fully vaccinated got COVID-19 That’s a huge stinkin’ deal! =)

161 people versus 3 with both doses!!!

✅ 3. The vaccines prevented infections. This means that the vaccines protected against asymptomatic spread! It also means you don’t risk being a long-hauler for COVID-19 since you’re not infected. #cuehamilton! Go get your shot, friends. This is our way out of the pandemic and get to herd immunity.

✅ 4. I included a picture on this post of what states have opened vaccine eligibility to ALL adults. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. The White House has given directives to all states that this needs to be done by May 1.

See if your state is already open – and go get your shot! Here’s where you can find vaccination sites for your state:



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  1. Amanda Billingsley

    This is wonderful! I just want to make sure that I understand correctly. There’s sufficient data that shows that vaccines protect against asympotmatic spread???

  2. Lou Wylie

    South Carolina is open to 16+ as of Wednesday.

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