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“She joked that if there were a list of the 100 most influential people of the pandemic, it would be made up of 99 women and Anthony Fauci.”

That’s a quote from me in TIME magazine. πŸ₯³

βœ… In the latest edition of TIME, the article is titled “Moms On A Mission: These Moms Work as Doctors and Scientists. But They’ve Also Taken On Another Job: Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation Online”. The article highlights some incredible women with side-hustles (like mine) who make good-trouble for COVID-19 information. =) They also quoted me mentioning the gal-pal-squad with my pals at Dear Pandemic and Your local epidemiologist. Side note: It made me very happy that “gal pals” was quoted directly. Also in this gal-pal-squad are other groups mentioned including SciMoms and IMPACT (Illinois Medical Professionals Action Collaborative Team). Solidarity, sisters! For every one of us mentioned in the article, I know there are 100 others doing their science-magic for COVID-19 in labs, classrooms, online, and with friends in virtual playgroups.

βœ… When one of us wins, we all win. I think that is a growing sentiment (and unique) for women leaders/doctors/scientists working together. Overall, there’s a huge amount of solidarity I am seeing working with these women scientists. We promote each other, we encourage each other, we come to one another’s defense when trolls come out, and we celebrate one another. That’s unique in academia and science that has historically been super competitive with scarcity mentalities. But, I see that changing in spades with more women doing things differently. And, I’m so proud to be among those working for change in many ways.

βœ… I also included a screenshot of the TIME cover. The gorgeous picture is by a Brooklyn-based artist, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya. She wrote that the portrait depicts the Asian-American community’s “beauty and resilience” amid a rise in Asian attacks during the pandemic. This piece was also featured in the New York City’s Commission on Human Rights’ 2020 public art series, “I Still Believe in Our City” (https://www.istillbelieve.nyc/). In the picture, you’ll see flowers which hold special significance and you can read about it here https://time.com/5947622/time-cover-anti-asian-american-violence-atlanta-shooting/: “The peony symbolizes solidarity and friendship, the chrysanthemum signifies resilienceβ€”it’s one of the few flowers that blooms when it’s coldβ€”and the hawthorn berry represents longevity and protection.” You can purchase her work here: https://timecoverstore.com/collections/latest+issue

It is an honor for the “Moms On A Mission” story to be included in this specific edition and feels fitting to lift women up, all women, in these stories. I hope you enjoy the article and onward we go!

-Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist

**A huge shout-out to the fantastic TIME reporter, Eliana Dockterman. She, and many other female journalists, are among those fighting for change during COVID-19. It was a pleasure to work with her and the photographer, Mary Kang.

**My kids also think it’s cool that their toys are shown. You’ll also see some of favorite books (there’s a lot of global health books, gal-pal-power books, and my bible in there), plants, and a globe. Kindof depicts me in a picture. =)

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