Dear Lin-Manuel Miranda

Dear Lin-Manuel Miranda,

I am available for a back-up-singer if you need an epidemiologist in your amazing production. Just sayin’, if you read this… =)

Epidemiologists are typically in Broadway productions, right? No? Well, they should because we are really fun. I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y sang your song for myself. I got my J&J shot. πŸ‘ πŸ₯³

And, did a fantastic rendition of your song (you’re welcome to the nurses administering the vaccines) – epidemiology style with amazing science and antibody-building-vaccines – along with the dance moves. Ok, maybe I didn’t do the dance moves. Or maybe I did. =)

Noone took away my shot…see what I did there! Told ya we were fun! Thank you for the song. And thank you to all the scientists and trial participants for paving the way for this. I got my shot!

-Your biggest friendly neighbor epidemiologist fan

SOURCE: Science + fun + joy + antibody-building + hugging-my-parents-in-weeks

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