Vaccines and fertility

This misinformation bunk-science is circulating again. Remember in December 2020 when the “Head of Pfizer of Research” said vaccines would result in female sterilizations? We debunked that back then (lots of us did). Now, those rumors are being repackaged into new “studies” and memes about de-population strategies and are recirculating.

Have you seen it? It’s memes and posts that look sciency saying that vaccines will make women infertile – it’s just not true. This one is frustrating to me because I’m a woman and I’ve had two babies. I remember pre-kids doing lots of research on things that could affect my fertility, asking my OB/GYN questions about it, and chatting with my friends. So, I know this is important for many of you women (and many of us women who now have girls of our own).

Fertility matters to many of us – for ourselves and our children. And, that is ok and important.

What is not ok are the scare-tactics that the anti-vax groups are using targeted directly at women with bunk-fertility claims. Let me help you put those to rest and show you the data-truth about it.

Will COVID-19 vaccines make you infertile? No

✅ 1. Let’s talk about mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) first: The mRNA technology signals your body to produce a defense mechanism against COVID-19. But, the myth circulating is that the same proteins for the virus are the same proteins in the placenta and that the body will be confused – that’s not true. The myth is that your body will attack the placenta (and, then fertility) if you get the vaccine. Our bodies are smarter than that though. The placenta and COVID-19 do have similarities BUT they need LOTS more than that for the body to be confused. It’s like saying my house looks the same as my neighbors – but, the insides look totally different. That matters when it comes to our bodies and our bodies know the difference. Well done, immune systems! COVID-19 and the placenta spike proteins may look similar, but NOT similar enough (at all) for the body to cause infertility because you get a vaccine.

✅ 2. Now let’s talk about the viral vector vaccines (J&J): Same thing with the J&J vaccines. The technology signals the same thing in your body – to produce a defense mechanism against COVID-19 with spike proteins. However, your body will NOT confuse this will placental proteins – similar to the mRNA.

✅ 3. Now let’s talk about long-term effects of the vaccines: I can already hear the comments coming on this post…”But, you don’t know if this will cause long-term effects in five-years on fertility on my 20-year-old…”. Well, we do though when it comes to fertility. The same thing that I wrote for point #1 and point #2 on this post holds true 1 day, 14 days, and 5 years after you get a COVID-19 vaccine. Our body can still differentiate what is vaccine and what is placenta.

✅ 4. If you see “data” or memes or “studies” coming from lifesitenews, Children’s Health Defense, or RFK Jr-funded organizations about fertility (sometimes you have to really search to find this), be really wary of it. These are common culprits where I have seen misinformation and scare-tactics related to fertility lately. I’ve also seen new ones about de-population strategies. For the love, peeps. It’s not true.

✅ 5. If you want to see ALL the science and biology on this, check out this post. is a fantastic resource and gets into the biology details of the placental spike proteins, COVID-19 vaccines and proteins, etc. The conclusion was “In short, the claim that the vaccines for COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 will cause infertility because of some kind of crossreactive immune response between the spike protein antigens and syncytin proteins is baseless. You should get these vaccines without fear of what they may do for your fertility.”

✅ 6. There’s also no link between COVID-19 vaccines and miscarriage either. In the vaccine trials, we have data comparing miscarriage rates among women in the vaccine group versus the placebo group. There was no difference between the groups. The leading OB medical groups – ACOG and SMFM – (The American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine) released a joint statement: “No loss of fertility has been reported among trial participants or among the millions who have received the vaccines since their authorization, and no signs of infertility appeared in animal studies.”

✅ 7. I also want to point out that there are risks to your reproductive health (men and women) if you get infected with COVID-19. For men, COVID-19 infections have caused testicular damage and sperm damage in emerging studies. For women, COVID-19 can cause chronic inflammation for long-haulers which is associated with decreased fertility. We also know that pregnant women are at an increased risk of COVID-19 severe illness. So, the reproductive risks are actually higher with the real COVID infection than the vaccine.

✅ BOTTOM LINE: Biologically, our bodies are smart. ALL of this highlights the need for a vaccine among those of reproductive ages (men and women) and that the vaccines are safe. The vaccines won’t make us infertile.



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