Should I be worried about blood clots with vaccines?

The short answer is no. I know you might be fearful about getting a vaccine. You’re not anti-vax, but some of the news and friends’ opinions might scare you. I get a lot of messages from people just like you – so, you’re not alone!

Let me show you the data to help alleviate some fear you might have. The vaccines are safe – those huge trials of thousands of people were designed to say that with confidence.

If you read a story or hear about someone dying from the vaccine, having a seizure from a vaccine, or having some other funky reaction from a vaccine, be wary of it. There’s just a LOT of deep-fake-videos or misinformation out there about vaccines causing death. Web-peeps, it’s just not true. One of the biggest misinformation culprits I see is from lifesitenews. I’ve seen stories that are NOT true this week relating vaccines to deaths, blood cancer, micro-chipping, and fertility issues – all of which are not true. Remember fake-news travels 6-9 times faster than real-news! So, you might be hearing of these stories a lot – but, that doesn’t make it true. See my Table O’Contents for way-too-much-data on common vaccine myths. =)

Ok, back to vaccine safety and blood clots:

Let me show you the data:

✅ 1. 38 million people in the US have been fully vaccinated – that’s 12% of the population – and a huge ‘woohoo!’. 71 million people have received at least one dose. -Say those numbers out loud to yourself – 38 million and 71 million is a lot of people! The majority of them have no side effects at all or have very minimal ones (fever, fatigue, headaches, etc).

✅ 2. NO deaths have been associated with the vaccine. Remember if you see that a death has been reported to the VAERS system (the CDC system designed to catch ANY type of remote reaction to any vaccine), these reactions are investigated. JUST because something is reported to VAERS does not make it causal. Remember anyone can report anything to VAERS. For example, if I develop a runny nose after a shingles vaccine (this is hypothetical because I don’t qualify for the shingles vaccine yet! #justturned40), I can report that to VAERS. Then it’s investigated and evaluated to see if anyone else is reporting a runny nose after a shingles vaccine to look for patterns. We want these systems in place to catch anything and rule out what is not true. The systems are designed as a protection mechanism to evaluate weird patterns if they occur. For the COVID-19, patterns have not emerged with the millions of people in the US who have had a vaccine so far. That, my friends, should give you great confidence!

✅ 3. Now I know you’ve heard about the blood clots and AstraZeneca. These are extremely rare. 17 million people have been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine – and 37 DVT and pulmonary embolisms have been reported but not linked to the vaccines. Say those numbers again – 17 MILLION versus 37 individuals. ****KEY POINT: This is actually LOWER than what is seen in the general population. (In the general population, there are roughly 1-2 DVT/PE per 1,000.)

✅ 4. I hope this helps ease some undue fear about the COVID-19 vaccines. I know some stories can be scary, but the data points otherwise. Thousands of people point otherwise – The vaccines are safe and extremely effective. ALL of the trials showed that (with at least 30,000 participants in each vaccine trial) and now vaccines in the general population (that’s you and me!) are showing the same. Get those shots and sing Hamilton as you do! =) Remember, if you have other worries about the vaccines you can see the Table O’Contents and look for the vaccine section:


***Always talk to your doctor if you have individual medical questions.


DVT/PE in general population –

Explanation of VAERS reporting system –

Vaccination picture (cumulative) –

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