COVID Data Hero Awards

Remember last week when I said one of you nominated me? Well, apparently, lots of you sent in nominations for the COVID-19 National Data Hero Awards – and, I made the finalist list! My goodness, web-peeps.

This list has several of my personal science-heroes that I will totally fan-girl if I meet them in-person. =) On a serious note, I’m just so honored. This FNE community is a massive highlight of 2020 and I’ve watched it grow into a louder voice of science+compassion+neighborly empathy+great GIF comments. For that, I’m just thankful. We are all walking through this pandemic together and it’s a huge honor for me to help with the epidemiology side.

If you want to vote (for any of us), I’ll include the link below. I’m in the Specialists section. Either way, I would encourage you to go read through the profiles of the other finalists and nominees. There are so many incredible people who have worked tirelessly over the past year to keep us all safe. And, MANY others (like many of you) who are heroes in your own families and communities.


Here’s the site to vote:

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  1. lindseyerinb

    Dr. Smith, congratulations! I recently heard Dr. Hotez on NPR and was just in awe of the work people like YOU and HIM do!

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