Texas and Mississippi (and 8 other states)

Let’s rethink lifting the precautions! Here’s a map showing the very likely start of a 4th surge.

The risk in Texas, the outbreak is growing: New cases rose by 27% over the past week. The positivity rate in the state might be the lowest it has been in four months. But that is comparing the rate to the PEAK of the summer surge. So the comparison is arbitrary and needs to be interpreted in light of the data. See my posts from two days ago for that.

New cases in Mississippi were up 62% in the past week, the biggest jump of any state.

The daily average of new daily cases also increased in 8 more states, in addition to TX and MS.

What we do in one or two states affect the whole country. We are about to his spring break season. Be vigilant, web peeps! This is not over yet.



Data: The COVID Tracking Project, state health departments. https://covidtracking.com/

Map: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios

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  1. Calvin

    You should try to understand confounding factors when you analyze data. The data you cite includes an ENORMOUS anomaly based on the weather impact in the middle part of the US that arbitrarily reduced the amount of testing reported from one week and thus – the following weeks data made it look like an increase. We are NOT starting a fourth wave. This is fear mongering.

    Moreover, your data source is so concerned about a fourth wave that they elected to discontinue collecting data.

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