A Nomination

Say what? I got an email: “You’ve been nominated for the National Data Hero Award”.

There’s a national hero award…for data (this, BTW, is awesome)…and I was nominated?

That means that one of YOU in the FNE community submitted a nomination. Good gracious. Good Gravy. My goodness. All.the.things. I’m just so thankful for that, you guys. It feels like a special honor to walk this journey with you all – the good, the bad, the hard, the sacred, the loss, the pain. I’m a simple epidemiologist who loves to talk, loves to help, loves people, loves tacos (come on, had to add that in somewhere), loves to love-our-neighbor and help people do that too. This has become a new community for me of friends and I feel like I “know” so many of you. I also know many of you have experienced unimaginable loss this past year, so the nomination is in your honor. For your families and friends and loved ones.

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted a lot the past few weeks. We’ve been fixing some house issues from the crazy-winter storm we had in Texas, working through some security issues related to negative-FNE-commenters (for.the.love.people), and just resting from it all a bit. I know I’m not the only one who feels the weight and fatigue of coming up to a year of this pandemic. So, tonight we had a major kitchen dance party which my 12 year-old gal loved and my 9 year-old guy pretended to not love. =)

Then I opened up FB to finally post something and saw the nomination. It’s an honor, web-peeps. For your families and your communities. And, my family and beloved Wacotown community. Thanks for letting me walk with you through this pandemic. There’s always hope and always love for our neighbors. Always.

Here’s the full list: https://dataheroawards.org/

-FNE (Emily)

***Because some of you asked if nominations are still being accepted. Yes they are! I think voting is still going on if you want to submit or say anything for any of us. Go here to submit: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/61ed317fb0ae46ac8c940452087543e9

My twitter: @ersmith2016

Website: https://emily-smith.net/covid-19-posts/

***As a extra fun point for the night, our gal-pal Your local epidemiologist was also nominated, along with some of my personal heroes. If I ever meet some of them in person, I will totally fan-girl and stumble on my words like, “I’m your biggest fan. I think your public health work is awesome. Will you sign this book of yours that I’ve read approximately 837 times?…”…..you know, really cool stuff like that. =)

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