The US has the highest number of deaths in the world. When you look at this per capita, the US is in the top 10.

This milestone of 500,000 deaths is simply unfathomable. Not because it’s a number and a milestone. But, because that’s 500,000 parents, children, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, community leaders, friends, people.

And, do not think for one minute that the US is doing ok with this. Do not think that “only 1% die”. It’s just not true – and, frankly, is causing some significant disparities on who is dying from the disease. This disease DISPROPORTIONALLY affects communities on the margins. For those of you in Texas like I am, the winter storm compounded the situation for many of these families that were ALREADY on the margins with poverty, food insecurity, no healthcare access, etc. I’m very worried about transmissions spurring from the storms in a few weeks – but, I don’t think the outbreaks will be equal. It will, once again, highlight inequities. If you are not on the margins, wear your masks for those that are.

Friends, these are our neighbors. So, we need to come to terms that this is not ok. We have to come to terms that COVID-19 is real and must be taken seriously. Just wear a mask and distance. We can still live and go about our business. But, we have to take it seriously. The data says what the true story is and is not lying. This has nothing to do with personal freedom or how we feel about masks, etc. This has everything to do with the reality many are living with. 500,000 families are living with.

โญ We need to start acting like communities and neighbors – not siloes and individuals. Collective solidarity – not personal freedom. โญ

Let’s do better, web-peeps. Wear a mask and let’s get out of this. Many of you are and have been and thank you for that. For you families that are included in the 500,000, we are so sorry for your loss. There are really no words that will suffice and I’ve read every single comment and message you have sent about your family member. We are so sorry and certainly hold space to honor your loved one today.



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  1. Jeff Smith

    Thank you for speaking the truth. Many Christians are among those who speak of personal responsibility. Iโ€™m not sure we have adequately answered the first question posed by a person (who happened to be a murderer): โ€œAm I my brotherโ€™s keeper?โ€ The proclamation of Christ is not one of individual freedom or even individual salvation. It is one of solidarity and finding our truest salvation in the poor and marginalized. You speak to this so well. Thank you!

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