One of the most frustrating things over the past few months is the slew of pandemic misinformation being spread all over ery’where. Frankly, I am running out of patience for it because it’s not simply funny memes or misguided thoughts or allowing everyone to find their “own truth”. It matters to people staying alive. Facts matter. Truth matters. Real truth, not misguided conspiracy theories. Truth. Facts. Science. I was going to do a post on several conspiracy things running around about the vaccines, deaths, etc. But, I’m not today. Our sister gal-pal site Your local epidemiologist debunked a lot of it with an awesome post that I’ll link to at the end.

✅ I want today’s post to be more of a 30,000-foot-view of helping you figure out what to believe. Facts matter to people’s lives right now.

◾ Who to believe? I want to send a clear message to those of you reading this. Some of you are well aware of anti-vax, anti-masks, anti-science groups. However, LOTS of you aren’t and I see many people getting sucked into groups that look legit and seem sciency – but, are unaware who is funding those groups. If you share a story that seems factual, you do not realize where that story is coming from. Some of those groups have been around a LONG time with political agendas and anti-science rhetoric that is just harmful. But, many of you do not know it and it’s hard to figure out if you’re not aware of it. I see many people circulating articles from sites you don’t realize are dangerous and harmful groups. Articles from Dr. S Gold (yes, including the one from the church pulpit), and RFK Jr are just some of the groups that are spreading harmful and misguided information related to lots of vaccine and COVID-19 info. (I’ve also seen lots of bad info coming from frontline*doctors and life*site*news.) Please don’t trust it. Even if it’s “packaged” well and sounds legit doesn’t make it legit. Look BEHIND the groups. I know it’s hard to do that sometimes. So, for now – If the vaccines or masks are EVER harmful, I guarantee we will let you know. Until then, let’s move on. Don’t circulate the misguided information. Facts matter.

◾ I also want to talk about this from a Christian perspective. Many of the anti-science sites I just talked about base several conspiracy claims in religion and the Christian faith. I’ve written about how the interplay between faith, masking, the Capitol riot, Christian nationalism, are deep before here – https://tinyurl.com/y6y3oxr7. So, please be aware that anti-vax sentiments, anti-mask, and anti-science articles are often times cloaked in “faith”. For those of you that are conservative Christians, be aware that this is likely happening in several articles you might be reading or videos you might be watching – especially if they come from the groups I mentioned above. I’ve watched videos circulating from these groups and I guarantee the information is not true about the pandemic and vaccines. Truth matters. (BTW, this is not a discourse on being conservative. It is a discourse of being truthful in what we believe according to Philippians 4:8.)

◾ I recognize I will get a ton of backlash from being this upfront. But, today I’m simply frustrated at how these groups and sites are spreading misinformation that seems harmless or seem to be independent. They are not and it is costing lives. In solidarity of one of our sister sites, here’s the great article from YLE on the latest misinformation around.

https://yourlocalepidemiologist.com/covid19-vaccines-will-destroy-our-lives/?fbclid=IwAR1q2kISSEYVYscq7Ft_mji13OIps2oeIi7Q2-WwqziVkB_Hg5Y-b7In4n8 In solidarity of our other sister site, Dear Pandemic also posts incredible truth about all-things-pandemic. ✅

We (this gal-pal-tribe) are doing our part to combat misinformation. We are asking you to do your part too. Facts and truth matter. -FNE

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  1. Kelly Clark

    Thank you for this. As a fellow believer in the Bible Belt south, I often feel quite alone in my belief that a) the virus exists and is harmful b) gathering indoors for worship just isn’t a good idea right now and c) masks can work to limit exposure and are not part of some huge conspiracy of the government or Satan. I do often see people asking for “proof” or studies that demonstrate that non-N95 masks to indeed provide protection for others and maybe even for self against Covid-19. Are there any such studies? This isn’t a “gotcha” at all…I promise. I would just really like to be able to answer people. As of now I’m tempted when asked in that drippy ‘bless your heart’ kind of way, “Oh honey, why are you wearing a mask?” to just respond “Well, I have Covid so I thought I should. But it’s great to see you ~ come give me a hug!” 😉

    Thank you so much for your hard work, winsome posts and encouragement.

    WIth gratitude, Kelly


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